Le strane verità della Nobel Alexievich


La premio Nobel per la letteratura bielorussa, Svetlana Alexievich, continua la sua strana campagna contro l’opposizione libera del suo Paese, la Bielorussia, oltre che contro gli ucraini e i baltici, accusandoli delle peggiori nefandezze contro gli ebrei. La risposta che segue di Zianon Pazniak, a nome della libera opposizione al regime di Lukashenko, smonta un castello di bugie.

Mrs. Alexievich – Nobel Price for Literature 2015 – lives in Minsk and calls herself a “Russian writer”. Somebody has had illusions that she will represent Belarus and progressive tendencies. But she has lost her last chance to find her position in the progressive culture.
The Belarusians have noticed how Mrs. Alexievich blackmailed the Belarusian people in her speeches in Germany and the U.S.A. But she blackmailed not only our people. This person comments all the topics in the world.
There are some citations from her speech made in Brooklyn, New York June 12, 2016. This is an act of profanation and slander:

“I tell you more. For example, all the members of the punitive expeditions which had acted in Belarus were from Ukraine. And more, not only in Lithuania and Latvia the Jews have been annihilated even before the Germans had arrived. But it was made in Ukraine as well. And you know how Poland had treated the Jews. (…) There are different times, and nowadays are the inhabitants of Latvia responsible for acts of their parents? In accordance with the superior sense – they are responsible! In accordance with the superior sense they are responsible! But I know, I know one journalist in Poland, he has written how the Polish people had treated the Jews. The Polish people had treated the Jews worse than all others. The priests had appealed in their sermons: “Kill the Jews!”

(“Я вам больше скажу. В той же, например, каратели, которые работали на территории Белоруссии, они были все из Украины. И больше того, не только в Литве, там, Латвии уничтожили, сами уничтожили евреев еще до того, как успели прийти немцы. Но это было и на Украине. И вы знаете, что делала Польша с евреями. (…) Есть разное время, и сегодня люди, живущие в Латвии, несут ли они ответственность за то, что делали их родители? В высшем смысле — несут! В высшем смысле несут! Но я знаю, один из моих знакомых журналистов в Польше написал, что поляки делали с евреями. Поляки хуже всех относились к евреям. И в этом ксендзы прямо проповеди произносили: “Убей еврея!”)

This is a “yellow” and “great” profanation and “revelation” by Mrs. Alexievich. We thought that the Germans had annihilated the Jews in the gas-chambers and concentration camps. But she presents us its “revelation”.
I have the impression that Mrs. Alexievich doesn’t understand what she is announcing publicly and isn’t responsible for her words.
I mean that Mrs. Alexievich would like to adopt the political line of Mr. Zhirinovsky and to provoke the reactions of the Latvians, Lithuanians, Ukrainians and Poles which could institute proceedings against her for the slander addressed against their nations. It would be a very good lesson for Mrs. Alexievich.
The situation is clear. She demonstrates the lack of intellectual foresight and the insuperable will to invent the facts which didn’t exist in reality.
This is one more illustration from her line of conduct. She has told in the same speech made in Brooklyn: “In 1990s we ran on the streets and spoke “Freedom”, “Freedom”. But we didn’t understand what is it. It means that there were not free persons”. (“Вот мы в 90-е бегали по улицам и говорили: “Свобода”, “Свобода”, но никто понятия не имел, что это такое. То есть свободных людей не было.”)
This is an invention like all other her inventions. Mrs. Alexievich communicates her invention with calm and expressionless voice. Every her word is a tale.
She didn’t run on the streets (nobody had run) and didn’t shout “Freedom”. She didn’t participate in the Belarusian democratic Liberation Movement. But she has been noticed the unique time in the context of the political struggle. June 19, 1988 ten thousand of Belarusians have organized a first march and rally in Minsk to Kurapaty (where the Russian NKVD had executed and buried more than 250 000 Belarusian victims in 1937-41).
The communist authorities of Belarus have organized their alternative rally against this people’s rally. The Minsk communist committee has gathered some hundreds of invited persons in the center of Minsk, near the Opera and Ballet Theater. Among “special guests” was Mrs. Alexievich. She was interviewed actively by the journalists and lauded the policy of the Communist Party. The Soviet TV has demonstrated some fragments of those interviews.
She didn’t tell about “the freedom” because she didn’t understand what is the freedom. But the free Belarusians did understand what is it. They have supported the Belarusian People’s Front which had initiated the struggle for the freedom and against the power of the Communist Party and had secured the state independence of Belarus. The Belarusian people had not kept the power – this is our tragedy in the eternal struggle with imperialist Moscow. We continue this struggle. We will win together with Ukraine.
Mrs. Alexievich try to adapt “the mentality of slaves” to the Belarusian people (this is her favorite expression). But not our freedom-loving people does demonstrate this “mentality”. Namely Mrs. Alexievich does demonstrate the mentality of slave. She has nothing to do with our struggle for our freedom.

di Valery Buival

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