Salvate Topolino dai terroristi

Sembrerà incredibile ma non lo è: lo sceicco saudita Muhammed Munajid, autorevole voce della cultura totalitaria islamista, già membro del personale diplomatico del suo paese all’ambasciata di Washington, ha lanciato una fatwa contro… Topolino. Il personaggio più amato dai bambini di tutto il mondo incarnerebbe il Male dell’Occidente. E non c’è niente da ridere: Topolino è ora in compagnia di “infedeli, politeisti, apostati ed ebrei”, che secondo questi terroristi dovrebbero essere realmente, e non solo ideologicamente, cancellati dalla faccia della terra

Saudi Sheikh Muhammed Munajid: “…according to Islamic law, Mickey Mouse should be killed in all cases.”
With all the excitement in the Middle East, you probably missed the call for the assassination of Mickey Mouse by a leading Saudi sheikh. Mr. Munajid doesn’t much like Tom or Jerry either — indeed, he’s eager to extirpate the whole species — but Mickey particularly upsets him, and he wants the world’s most famous mouse taken out.
Saudi Arabia has long been one of the epicenters of radical Islamist doctrine. Saudis fund a global network that indoctrinates young Muslims to hate the West. That network is active within the United States. Saudi-fundedtextbooks are an open call to violent jihad:
Saudi textbooks teach, along with many other noxious lessons, that Jews and Christians are “enemies,” and they dogmatically instruct that various groups of “unbelievers” — apostates (which includes Muslim moderates who reject Saudi Wahhabi doctrine), polytheists (which includes Shiites), and Jews — should be killed.
So when a Saudi cleric of no small standing — he previously served as a diplomat at the Saudi Embassy in Washington, D.C. — issues such a statement, we should take it seriously, despite the healthy impulse to laugh at him.
If Munajid’s followers decide to fulfill his call to mayhem, who should pay most attention? It all depends on where they think the infidel mouse can be found. Maybe they will try to track him down at Disneyland or Disneyworld, or even at the Disney studios. Security experts at the Disney Network should worry, too, since the satanic pictures emanate from there.
And of course there are the Disney stores, which sell maleficent idols of The Mouse in order to corrupt little children. Malls, in other words.
I know it sounds nuts, but they ARE nuts. If you want to thwart them, you’d best try to see the world through their eyes.
No kidding.

Michael Ledeen


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